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Civil Rights Movement - Ruby Bridges Goes to School

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��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Ruby Bridges goes to school
1� Watch the video and fill in the gaps with the words below.
believe�� - feel�� -�� closer�� �� �share -�� matter� �-�� Government�� -�� same�� -� �hopefully�� -�� inside�� -� �passed� �- kindergarten� �-��� grade�� �-� �helped�� -�� �alone� ���� safe� ���� ago

A long time , some people thought that black people and white people shouldn�t be friends. In some places white children an black children couldn�t go to the schools. I am Ruby Bridges today and I am happy that I to change that.

In 1960, I went to in an all black school. I liked my school, I liked my teacher, I liked my friends. But there was a school for white children even to my house. And the said �Ruby Bridges should be allowed to go to that school.� So, when I was in first , my mother took me to the all white school. Some people didn�t want me there and the police came with us just to make sure we were safe. Even parents had their children out of school just because I was there. I was alone with my teacher, Mrs Henry. Months and months , and then, one day, children began to come back to school. At last, I had friends to play with. Boy, was I happy! Now, black kids and white kids can be in the same school together.

I that all kids should be friends. All you have to do is give each other a chance. And my story will help you to reach out to other kids, to give them a chance, so we could be friends and no one will like I felt in 1960, when I was alone. Mrs Henry and I gave each other a chance. We were friends then and we are still friends today. It doesn�t what you look like. What matters is what�s , so encourage you to get my book, it with a friend. Surely you�ll enjoy the story and, hopefully, make a friend for life.
2� Choose the correct answer.
a) The story takes place in 2009.

b) The video is about a film.

c) The story takes place in New York.

d) In 1960, black children and white children went to the same schools.

e) The name of the little girl is Ruby Bridges.

f) She was the first black child to go to an all white school.

g) The parents of the white children were happy to see Ruby Bridges.

h) Ruby Bridges spent only one week alone with her teacher, Mrs Henry.

i) She was happy when the white children came back to school.

j) Ruby Bridges says she did not feel alone.

k) She says it doesn't matter what you look like.

���������������������������������������� Norman Rockwell, The Problem We All Live With