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is said + infinitives

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Chose the right phrases to complete the second sentence so that it means exactly the same as the original one.

  1. They say smoking is dangerous.
    Smoking is said
  2. They think he has stolen the ring.
    He is thought
     the ring
  3. People believe she is leaving tomorrow.
    She is believed
  4. We know that Napoleon was a great leader.
    Napoleon is known
     a great leader.
  5. People thought he had committed the crime.
      the crime.
  6. They believed he was going to retire.
  7. We all know that cancer is caused by smoking.
    Cancer is known
     by smoking.
  8. They say Ann and Peter are getting married next week.
    Ann and Peter are said
  9. People think she is pregnant.
    She is thought
  10. People say she has miscarried twice.
    She is said