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The usage of the definite article with geographical names 3 exercises

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1.       Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was founded in 1960.

2.      He got lost in  Amaro Mountains in  Ethiopia five years ago.

3.      I have always adored  Contact Theatre in  Manchester.

4.      I have never heard about  Kingdom of Toledo.

5.      It was very interesting for us to see  Peebles Island State Park.

6.      She did not study  Literature.

7.      The population of  Slovakia is 5,445,324.

8.      The pub is somewhere on  Union Street.

9.       Sloping Island Group is a group of small islands in south-eastern  Australia.

10.  The staff of  William B. Bankhead National Forest told us much interesting.

11.  The teacher told us about  Bactrian Empire.

12.  There is a nice hotel on  Bardsey Island.

13.  There is a winding road leading to  Buffalo Hill.

14.  They bought the tickets to  Genesis Cinema.

15.  They saw  Lake Chad.

16.  They stayed at  Americas Best Value Inn in  Azusa.

17.  They went snorkeling in  Adriatic Sea.

18.  They were driving down  Calf Mountain Road when they suddenly had an accident.

19.  We did not have time to visit  Egyptian Museum of Berlin.

20.  We first met when we were at  Wilmington University.

21.  We travelled down  Nile.

22.  We visited  Old Town Square.


1.      I would like to go to  Caldey Island.

2.      We read a lot about  Sunga Empire.

3.      Last Sunday I was at  HMV Curzon Cinema.

4.       Hunter Island Group is an important bird area. It comprises several islands in  Hunter and Trefoil Island Groups lying off the north-western coast. 

5.      We visited  Lake Edward.

6.      We had a nice picnic at  Pinnacle State Park

7.      We heard about  Atlas Mountains in  Algeria in  Morocco and in  Tunisia

8.      There are many poems about  Volga

9.      I have never studied  Performing arts

10.  They told us about their excursion to  Antikensammlung Berlin Museum

11.  They stayed at  Best Western Canoga Park Motor Inn

12.  She was expelled from  Delaware State University

13.   Coach House Theatre in Alloa was founded in 1900.

14.  We went to  Balearic Sea

15.  We made a school project about  Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

16.  They camped at  Conecuh National Forest

17.  They climbed  Grassy Hill

18.  She bought this dress on  Polk Street

19.  There was a concert on  Syntagma Square

20.  She went down  Farm Road.

21.  She told us about  Kingdom of Strathclyde

22.  The population of  Togo is 5,753,324.

1.      We were in  Bakossi Mountains in  Cameroon.

2.      They attended the conference at  Best Western Eagle Rock Inn Los Angeles Glendale.

3.      There was a cross down  Caitlin Road.

4.      We strolled down  Fillmore Street.

5.      They took a picture of me on  Franklin Square.

6.      Have you heard of  Kingdom of Gwent?

7.      Have you ever swum in  Labrador Sea?

8.      I rested at  Lake Kariba.

9.      They closed down  Pergamon Museum.

10.  She visited  Point Au Roche State Park.

11.  They got married on  Skomer Island.

12.  They got a visa to  Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

13.   Swainson Island Group lies off the coast of southern part of  West Coast of Tasmania Sea and consists of five islands.

14.  She told us about  Victoria Peak.