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supply relevant preposition

1.       The workers are accustomed  the hard conditions of work.

2.       The company would like to thank the representatives  their support.

3.       Our partners can always count  us.    

4.       The situation is not favorable to borrow money  the bank.

5.       They cannot blame anybody  the failure.

6.       They are accusing us  the loss.

7.       We do not agree  terms of the contract. 

8.       We would like to congratulate you  success.

9.       We are waiting  favorable situation.          

10.   They need to talk  the board of the directors.

11.   We are waiting  your comment  the situation.         

12.   They do not need to put  the hard conditions of work.

13.   The board of the committee agrees  Mr. Green completely.       

14.   I am calling on behalf of Mr. Green. I need to speak  the chairman.

15.   You can rely  your partners.

16.   They have suffered  the worldwide crisis.

17.   I never rely  anybody.      

18.   We are preparing  the collaboration.

19.   They have been working out this project  a long time       

20.   I will not object  your offer.

21.   I never believe  gossips and rumors.      

22.   As soon as they arrive  the spot they checked everything.

23.   We hope  the best.             

24.   They did not arrive  Europe without any plans.