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A. Look at the photos and click on the right options.
�� � �
1. When�Sue was calling a friend she���������2. Meg deleted all her files while she��������������3. Bob was driving home from work when
��� ��.��������������������������������������������� ��.��������������������������������������������� he �.
� �� �
�4.�She fell down while she�������������������������5.�When Jess was playing tennis she������������ 6. She was shopping at the mall when
��� �.��������������������������������������������� �.������������������������������������� she �.

B. Type the past form of the verbs.

1. Mike��his car last week.��
2. My father �the dinner yesterday.
3. Mary� �all her song files by accident!
4. Bob �down last Saturday and he �really hurt.
C.�Observe this:
Simple Past x Past Continuous. Choose the correct verb
A: What �to you yesterday?
B: When I �for a bus I �down and �really hurt!
A:�What were you doing yesterday around 9 pm?
B:�I �dinner at a fancy restaurant and I �a great time, but a��
��� clumsy waiter �wine�over my new white shirt!�
D. Now type the right form of the verbs given.��
������ � ������ ��
"Last week, when�I (drive)for� a picnic, it (start)�to rain, so
� I�(come) back home."
��������� ���
"Yesterday was my mom's birthday.
When my sister and I �(bake) her a cake,�she �(call)and��
��I completly(forget) about the oven,�so I �(burn) the cake!"
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Have fun!