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The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree
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the giving tree
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The Giving Tree
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the giving tree
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The Giving Tree
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The Giving Tree�
By Shell Silverstein

Listen and read the poem

Parts of the tree -�tick the words mentioned in the poem.
��� �������������


a leaf / leaves

��� roots

a flower

����������� fruit���������������������� stump���������������

Words from the story - choose the correct word

Action words - fill in the missing word (use the bank)
  • I �English.
  • I �in my bed.
  • I can� trees.
  • I like �to fresh fruit.
  • I �on my chair.
  • I like to� basketball.
  • Can you� me an apple, please?
  • We are going to�� a new computer.
  • �������������
    �������������������������������������������������� eat
    �������������������������������������������������� sleep
    �������������������������������������������������� sell

    The gifts the boy/man got from the tree - Write the correct number
    leaves�������� 1� to swing / to build a house.
    shade��������� 2�to make them into crowns.
    branches���� 3 to eat / to sell and have money.
    trunk��������� 4 to sleep outside.
    apples�������� 5 to climb / to make a boat.
    Answer at least five questions�in your notebook:
    1. Make a list of other products and uses of trees.

    2. Why was the tree happy?

    3. Why was the tree lonely when the boy grew up?

    4. What could the boy do for the tree?

    5. Do you think the boy is selfish? Explain

    6. How do you feel when you give something to someone?

    7. How do you feel when you receive something?

    8. Did you like the story? why?

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