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                                                                     READING COMPREHENSION TEST
 Read the text carefully and then choose the best answer:


Do they really care?



Teenager Christiana Tugwell and a small band of fellow school-age environmentalists have spent the past five months fighting proposals being put forward by the property developer, Countryside Residentials, to build 66 luxury detached houses in an area of woodland. They have received support at their protest camp from other residents who want to save the wood and the wildlife it contains. They have built a network of underground tunnels, which they will occupy to prevent the developers from starting work. Countryside Residential said it had been careful to preserve wildlife on the site, employing ecologists to do surveys and spending tens of thousands of pounds protecting animal and plant life.

‘I began organizing the local campaign when I realized just how many local residents were against the developments. They were writing letters of protest to the council but this was simply not enough. So in order to put more pressure on the council and to raise national awareness, I started camping on the proposed development site. I was the ring-leader and had to bully some friends to join me. They weren’t keen on sleeping rough and neither was I, but something had to be done.

My mum’s initial reaction was “are you sure you want to do this?” After the first week she sent some friends to try to make me come home. They said I’d get into trouble, but I was determined to stay.

 I even spent three nights at the camp on my own. Even though she wanted me home, mum was always supportive and even brought us vegetarian sausages.

‘Mum and I don’t always see eye to eye on everything. But we agree that as long as what I want to do is not completely stupid, she lets me do it. I’m very stubborn and if I think I can do it, normally I can.

‘She worries about possible violence from the people trying to evict us and so do I, but there won’t be any violence on our part. I don’t want to worry her, but stopping the development is more important.’  


Choose the most appropriate option: 

1. Christiana has spent the past few months 

  with her friends from a small music band

    fighting against a group of local residents

   camping in the countryside


2. Countryside Residentials

    has built some houses in an area of woodland

      has started building luxury houses in Christiana’s neighbourhood

    wants to occupy a piece of land for business purposes

     is fighting for environmental development

3. Local residents

    support the teenagers

 support Countryside Residentials

    are trying to protect the wood and wildlife from campers

  have built a network of underground tunnels

4. Countryside Residential

    assure the others they will do no harm to the environment

    is a company which mainly employs ecologists

    bases its work on scientific surveys

   spends most of its money protecting animals and plants

5. Christiana started her campaign because

   she didn’t share the local residents’ opinion

   the local residents had sent some letters of protest to the council

    she felt the need to draw other people’s attention

   she was determined to go camping on the desired camp site

6. Her mum was worried because

  Christiana had started bullying some of her friends

   Christiana was not setting a good example

   Christiana had got into trouble

   she felt that Christiana might have problems

7. Christiana

   always quarrels with her mum

   appreciates that her mum always lets her do silly things

   could count on her mum’s help in spite of everything

   doesn’t care what her mum thinks

8. Christiana is determined to have things her way

   as she knows there will be no violence

   although she might be in danger

               in order not to upset her mum
      because she is against any kind of development