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Out of a rainbow

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                     "Out of a rainbow"
Watch the movie and choose the best answer
1.What is over Bolton? 
2.What are the men making? for the Olympic stadium.
3.Who is there for the last time?
4.What does George do? on the girder.
5.What does he take with him? 
6.How does he go home? 
7.How many people are waiting for him at home? 
8.Are the children his grandchildren?
9.What is on the table? 10.Can George sleep? 
11.What does his wife give him? 
12.What did George make with the two steel drops? 
13.Where did the children put the dolls? 
14.What changes the dolls? 
15.Are the dolls alive now? 
16.What is the first sport they try? 
17.The second? 18.The last? 
19.Which country's flag did the doll take? 
20.Where did the first doll find its name? 
21.What name was that? 
22.Where did the other doll find its name? 
23.What name was that? 
24.Who has five bracelets on its wrists?
25.Why are the dolls leaving? 
26.Where will they meet again? 
27.When will they meet again? 28.Will they be alone?