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listen to the text twice and then choose the best answer:

1.In the world of fashion snakeskin is thought to be:�����������

��������unpopular because killing snakes causes rage

��������luxurious and therefore too expensive

��������less popular than crocodile skin

�������� very popular

2.Scandinavian designers have

�������� given up the production of some exotic materials

������� built a new factory for the production of leathers, silks and furs

������� come up with a new kind of material for making clothes

������� just announced their victory over rival companies

3.The world�s top fashion houses

������� partly rely on kids

������� are now offered fish leather

�������� are competing severely

�������� hope to get the best models in the new millennium

4.It takes three days to

������� find fish old enough

������� make a dress out of fish skin

������� remove all the fat and dirt from fish skin

������� produce the material for making dresses

5.The process of skin treatment

������� includes a stage of pickling

�������� has been lifted to a high level

�������� is a business secret

�������� is done by Mr Bergholz�s partner company

6.�� In her production, Yvonne Eriksson prefers

������ materials from Finland

�������snake leather

�������� traditional exotic skins

������fish from Lake Victoria

7. In comparison to other skin types, fish leather is judged by some to be

������� much stronger

������� equally strong

��������far less strong

������� the least strong

PART 2 - GRAMMAR TEST���������������������������

���������������������������������� ������������������������������

I��� Choose the right answer:

1.�� Come on, no one________ heard of a real place as spooky as that.���

������ have never��������������

������ have ever������������������������
���� � has never�������������������
������ has ever
2.�� �But you�d already lost two pairs of sunglasses back there in the summer camp, _________ ?
����� did you�����������������
�� � haven�t you����������������
������ hadn�t you��������������
� ��� didn�t you

3. � When we finally arrived _______ the location, we immediately got ______ to serious practice.

����� � to ��up���������������

���� �on�.. in�������������������������
�� ���in �.. on�����������������
��� � at �.. down
4.��� He wasn't allowed to go home ________ he'd apologised to the teacher.
���� ��� until������������������
� ����during������������������������
��� � while

5.����I guess I�d also ________ embarrassed if my classmate ________ something like that.

����� feel �.. does����
����� felt �.. would do�������
���� feel �.. would do����
���� feel �.. did

6.Linda�s mum made me _______ at their place till after dinner.

�������� to stay
�������� stay
�������� staying
�������� stayed


7.It�s evident that teenagers have to work very ________ nowadays.


���� harder
���� hardly
���� hardest�����
8.Despite being quite ________, those students picked up a lot in my classes.


������ � attending��������������������������
���� ��inattentive���������������
������ � intentional

9.I don�t know why we didn�t _______ in touch with those people from the old school.

����� kept

����� save
����� hang
����� keep������
10. I couldn�t make up my ______ which puppy to take, they all looked gorgeous.
������ selection


����� ��������������

II�� Complete the text using the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.

������Do not add any other words.

����������������������������������� �

��������� Abigail and her mother, Dr Gillian Doyle, were taking part in �Take Your Child to Work Day�, a scheme designed (1)� (give) children an idea of the jobs their parents do. The scheme (2)��(first / suggest) by the local council and now everybody (3)�(find) it very useful. �I (4)� (not mind) what Abigail does as a profession, but at least she can base her decisions on experience. She got to see a lot of my day-to-day work, with patients (5)� (come) in with everything from a sore throat to a fractured arm�, explains Dr Doyle.

��������� �It was fascinating�, says Abigail. Of course, I(6)� (be) to Mum�s surgery even before the beginning of this scheme, usually to meet her after school.�

��������� The work at the surgery is only half of Dr Doyle�s day and the other half(7)� (spend) at a local hospital. Abigail (8)� (accompany) her there, too, visiting patients on the wards.

Now, after having completed her scheme mission, on the question of whether it (9) �(encourage) her to become a doctor herself, Abigail is undecided. �It (10)� (require) a lot of commitment because the training is quite long and the work is really demanding�, she says.

IIIComplete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first sentence, using the word given. Do NOT change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.

1. I�m going to ask my best friend to set up my Facebook profile./��� by

��� I�m going to have my�my best friend.

2. I lent you a book last month and now I�d like to have it back.����/��� from

��� Can I have back the book me last month?

3. I expect you are pleased to get home after such a terrible holiday.��/��� must

��� You��get home after such a terrible holiday.

4. The last time I spoke to her was when she got the award.����������/�� since

��� I�� she got the award.

5. Does Angela�s sister go in for any sport?��������������������������/�� wonder

��� I�� in for any sport.

IV Read the whole text first. Then fill in each blank with one suitable word:

��������� Sign language has been used for thousands of years in one form (1) another.(2) though some people believe sign languages are not real languages, linguist say that they are. The only difference is that (3)� of using speech, signers use their hands. (4) fact, learning sign language is like learning any (5) �language � it takes time and practice. �����������������