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��������������������������������������� TEST - 2012
����������������� the end of primary school competition test

I Choose the correct option to complete the text.
BooksOur teacher (1) that a big problem with many schools is that children are not (2) how to think for themselves. They often (3) �to memorize long list of things and facts which they don't find (4) enough. And teachers don't always let their students (5) logically about the things�(6)�they are learning about. I'd (7) like to go to a school where learning would (8) fun. But�I wonder (9) such schools at all.�It just sounds (10) good to be true.

II Fill in the blanks by using the words given in the box. Use each word only once and do not change it:

����� humans������� comparison�������� swing������� fictional��� raised���� coast

�� Tarzan is a (1) character, the son of a British Lord and Lady who were cast ashore on the Atlantic (2) of Africa. He is a child (3) in the jungles by the Mangani, "great apes". The life in the jungle gives him abilities far beyond those of ordinary (4). He uses branches and hanging vines to (5) at great speed; his strength, speed, reflexes, senses, and swimming are extraordinary in (6) to normal men. He is intelligent and learns new languages easily. He also communicates with many species of jungle animals. ��������������

III� There is one mistake in each sentence. Write the wrong word in the first box and in the correct word� in the second� box.

1. No, that's definitely not my car, it's their.���������� � � � � � �� ������
2. Excuse me, would you care opening the window?������ � � �
3. The story that you'll hear consists from five parts.����� � � � �
4. Guys, let's get down on some work, shall we?�������������� ���������
5. I'd rather not going there alone, it's too dangerous.�� �����

IV� Fill in the appropriate forms / tenses of the verbs in brackets in the active or passive voice.

���������������������������������������������������� �
Frank Abagnale Jr. is one of the most famous con artists in history. During the 1960s he (1) (want) for crime all over the world. His main crime was (2) (write) false cheques. Apart from that, he pretended (3) (be) a pilot and later a lawyer, too although he (4) (never/study) law before. He finally got arrested at the age of 20 and the five-year stay in prison made him (5) (realise) he needed a change. Since then Frank's life (6) (change) completely, and now he's millionaire again, only this time helping the law, (7) (not break) it.� In 2002, Frank's life (8) (make) into a film called Catch Me If You Can, (9) (star) Leonardo DiCaprio.

IV� Read the whole text first. Then fill in each blank with one suitable word:

Have you ever thought (1) going on a TV quiz show? The games are played for a laugh, but the prizes (2) be really fabulous: cars, stereos, TVs, videos and exotic holidays. (3) course, being a game show contestant is (4) for everyone. Fear of the camera is (5) common worry, and general shyness (5) another. But for those who (7) keen, Christine Patterson from a leading independent TV production company (8) some advice: " Contestants need to be quick-witted, fast on the buzzer and not shy about appearing on TV."

V Complete the verb forms in each sentence so as to make it meaningful. Do not change the rest of the sentence. Write the correct sentence using all given words. Follow the example:

We / not know/ what / happen / tomorrow.
�- We don't know what will happen tomorrow.
1. She / break up / with him / if he / lie / to her again?
���� (there are more than one possible answers)

2. Anybody / know / why / decide / split up / last month?