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Indirect-Embedded questions

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Indirect and Embedded questions

Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning

Where is the nearest bank?����������������� Can you tell me?
Why is that little baby crying?������������ Do you know?
Is there any water here?���������������������� Could you tell me?
Is he coming tomorrow?��������������������� Does she knows?
How many cars does she have?���������� Do you know?
Do they like swimming?��������������������� Does he knows?
What does she want?��������������������������
Can you explain me�?


Read the options and write the right one on provided spaces

You have no idea of .
a. how much does it cost������ b. how much cost it������ c. how much it cost

She doesn't know .
a. what I want���������������������� b. what do you want����� c. what do I want

They wanted to know from.
a. where do you come���������� b. where did you come� c. where you came

Martha asked me .
a. why you leaved���������������� b. why you left�������������� c. why you did leave

Don't you remember .
a. what she told us��������������� b. what did she tell us���� c. what she tell us

Can you explain her .
a. when did happened��������� b. when it happened������� c. when happenned

She forgot .
a. when is the party������������� b. when was party���������� c. when the party was