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Indirect-Embedded questions

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Indirect and Embedded questions

Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning

Where is the nearest bank?                  Can you tell me?
Why is that little baby crying?             Do you know?
Is there any water here?                       Could you tell me?
Is he coming tomorrow?                      Does she knows?
How many cars does she have?           Do you know?
Do they like swimming?                      Does he knows?
What does she want?                          
Can you explain me ?


Read the options and write the right one on provided spaces

You have no idea of .
a. how much does it cost       b. how much cost it       c. how much it cost

She doesn't know .
a. what I want                       b. what do you want      c. what do I want

They wanted to know from.
a. where do you come           b. where did you come  c. where you came

Martha asked me .
a. why you leaved                 b. why you left               c. why you did leave

Don't you remember .
a. what she told us                b. what did she tell us     c. what she tell us

Can you explain her .
a. when did happened          b. when it happened        c. when happenned

She forgot .
a. when is the party              b. when was party           c. when the party was