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Dharma and Greg: "Haus Arrest"

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
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Age: 18-100
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While the Finkelsteins' hippie tribe carols, Kitty hates having Greg's 16 year-old cousin Jennifer's staying there during her ma's honeymoon, so she convinces Dharma the girl is better off with a younger couple. When they catch Jen kissing with some youngster, Greg throws Frank out, but Dharma resists punishing as 'giving in by negative attention', they settle on sending her along when Dharma and Jane do Christmas shopping as daft German tourists. After being arrested for a sweater Jen stole but blamed the weirdos for, Dharma is converted to disciplining, but ...
Watch the video clip and do the exercises below:
Answer the following questions:
1. Who is Jennifer?
2. What has happened since Greg and her mother last saw each other?
3. Why is the girl so annoyed with her mother?
4. Had Greg told her mother that Dharma would bring  some friends for the Christmas party?
1. Dharma needs to go to the toilet
2. Gregīs mother picks up the manīs glove so that he wonīt have to come back
3. Jennifer asks Dharma if she married her cousin for his money
4. Dharma understands Jenniferīs feelings
1. What does Gregīs mother suggest them doing with Jennifer?
2. What does Dharma suggest doing?
3. Who does Jennifer want to speak on the phone when Dharma suggests making a prank phone call?
4. Who does Dharma telephone? to do what?
5. Where is Jennifer going to sleep? who with?
TRUE OR FALSE. Listen to the correct answer:
1. Dharma wants to go and check whether Jennifer is sound asleep or not
2. Greg thinks that if Jennifer wants to have sex with her friend theyīd better do it there in their house
3. Dharma tells her mother-in-law she needs a photo of Jennifer to give it to the police
4. Jennifer hid in the garden