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Song: You Needed me by Anne Murray / Friendship

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WATCH THIS VIDEO - "You needed me" by Anne Murray - and then COMPLETE THE MISSING LETTERS:
I cried a
You� it
I was
You� my mind
I sold my
You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me
Somehow you needed me.

You gave me
To stand� again
To face the world
Out on my again
You put me high upon a
So high that I could almost see
You needed me
You needed me

And I can't believe it's you I can't believe it's true
I needed you and you were
And I'll never , why should I
I'd be a
'Cause I've finally found someone who really

You my hand
When it was
When I was
You took me
You gave me
When I was at the end
And turned my lies
Back into� again
You even called me friend

You needed me...
2. Now choose the best option for each sentence:
1. The singer was
2. She had followed a �in the past.
3. But a friend decided to �because she was physically and mentally �to face her own problems.
4. With his support she now could have�
5.She can't quite believe��to have a real friend.
6. For he trully believed in her
3. Find the following words here: sad, held, friend, home, tear,cleared and mind: