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Allo Allo: The British are coming part 1

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'"Allo Allo" is a British sitcom broadcast on BBC! from 1982 to 1992 comprising 85 episodes. The story is set up in a small town caf� in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. It tells the sotry of Ren� Artois, a French caf� owner in the town of Nouvion. The Germans have occupied the tgown and stolen all of its valuable artifactgs. These include the first cuckoo clock ever made and a painting of The Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp. Colonel Von Strohm has decided to keep them for himself and forces Ren� to hide them in his caf�. Hitler also wants the painting and sends Otto Flick of the Gestapo to the town to find it.
At the same time , the caf� is being used as a safe house for two brave but clueless British airmen. Ren� is forced to work with the Resistance , led by Michelle Dubois.
Watch the first part of the episode and do the exercises below:
Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE:
1. The Colonel likes the food Ren� served him
2. They have eaten rabbit
3. They are going to have some wine on the house
4. Ren� wishes the winter would be over soon
5. The Colonel will have to give Ren� 5 litres of paraffin if he wants to go upstairs with Yvette
6. There�s a woman with a pram to see Ren�
7. Yvette does what she does because her mother has cold feet
1. Michelle wants Ren� to hide some British airmen there because something happened to the other caf� where the Resistance
��� used to� hide them. What happened?
2. Why doesn�t Ren� want to keep the soldiers there?
3. Where will the forger prepare the papers for the British soldiers?
4. Will Ren�s wife talk?
5. How will he recognize the British airmen?
6. Where�s the transmitter?
7. Why is it there?
8. Is Ren�s mother-in-law prepared to die for France?