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"Allo Allo": The British are coming . Part 2

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Watch the video and  do the exercises below:

1. All the peasants are looking at the British soldiers because they are riding pink bikes
2. René promises to marry Yvette when the war is over
3. René and Yvette speak a little English
4. The onion sellers came by train
Answer the following questions:
1. Why is René surprised to see the airmen that night?
2. Do they have to give René a watch or he won´t let them in?
3. What is the problem with one of the soldier? does he have a toothache?
4. Why does Yvette hide behind the curtain?
5. Will the forger take a long time to arrive?
6. What will he do when he arrives ?
7. What will René have to answer him?
8. Is the German lieutenant the forger ?
9. Does Otto Flick have an appointment to see the Colonel?