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"Allo Allo" : the British are coming. Part 3

Downloadable worksheets:
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Level: advanced
Age: 18-100
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Edward Scissorhands (3)
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Age: 7-100
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Video Session: Friends - The One where they all turn thirty
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Age: 14-17
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The world of cinema
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Movies/ TV programmes matching (BW+key)
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Edward Scissorhands intro (1)
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
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Watch the video and do the exercises below:

Say whether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE:
1. The Colonel�s secretary must keep Otto Flick busy for a minute because the Colonel and his assistant have to hide some valuable things
2. Flick is there to investigate who had taken away some important documents for the Gestapo
3. Ren� has to get rid of the two British airmen because another two British airmen are coming
Fill in the missing word(s) in the following sentences:
1. The British soldiers think that �is upstairs.
2. Ren� must keep the cuckoo watch and the painting in his �because otherwise the Colonel will say that he stole some �, paraffin and �from the Germans.
3. The Colonel discovers what Ren� is doing but he doesn�t take the British airmen as prisoners because if he does, everything will be discovered, the picture will he sent to �and he will lose his
4. When Ren� is forced to explain why there are so many onion sellers in the village he says that there is an
��� and all the onion sellers gather to �each other�s onions.