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Comparative Superlative

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�A) Fill in the blanks with the �comperative forms�of adjectives

1 )�Jackis� than Amy .(young)
2)����� January is� than march.(cold)
3)����� February is�� than january. (short)
4)����� Mary is�than Jane.(beautiful)
5)����� Turkey is�than England.(large)
6)����� Why are your hands� than her hands?(dirty)
7)����� Teachers came� than students.(early)
8)Dogs are����than cats.(friendly)
9)Venus is� to Earth than Mars.(near)
10)Horses are��than donkeys.(intelligent)
11)My mother is� than my aunt.(thin)
12)His shoes are�� than my shoes.(clean)
13)�zmir is� than Eskisehir.(crowded)
14)Is British street�� than�Ireland street?(long)
15)These books are�� than 5 kilos.(heavy)
16)Tim is� than Jack.(handsome)

Fill in the blanks with the �superlative forms�of adjectives.

1)����� The elephant isanimal in the world.(big)
2)����� Is augustmonth of the year?(hot)
3)����� Ata Bulvari is street in Ankara.(wide)
4)����� This isstudent in school.(intelligent)
5)����� Which animal is animal?(fast)
6)����� Which is�word in English?(common)
7)����� Which one is book on the table?(heavy)
8)����� She was girl in this city.(beautiful)
9)Antartica is place in the world.(cold)
10)Summer is season.(good)
11)His son is boy is this school.(lazy)
12) Who is boy in school?(fat)