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Comparative Superlative

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 A) Fill in the blanks with the “comperative forms”of adjectives

1 ) Jack is  than Amy .(young)
2)      January is  than march.(cold)
3)      February is   than january. (short)
4)      Mary is than Jane.(beautiful)
5)      Turkey is than England.(large)
6)      Why are your hands  than her hands?(dirty)
7)      Teachers came  than students.(early)
8)  Dogs are    than cats.(friendly)
9)  Venus is  to Earth than Mars.(near)
10)  Horses are  than donkeys.(intelligent)
11)  My mother is  than my aunt.(thin)
12)  His shoes are   than my shoes.(clean)
13)  Ýzmir is  than Eskisehir.(crowded)
14)  Is British street   than Ireland street?(long)
15)  These books are   than 5 kilos.(heavy)
16)  Tim is  than Jack.(handsome)

Fill in the blanks with the “superlative forms”of adjectives.

1)      The elephant is   animal in the world.(big)
2)      Is august  month of the year?(hot)
3)      Ata Bulvari is street in Ankara.(wide)
4)      This is  student in school.(intelligent)
5)      Which animal is animal?(fast)
6)      Which is word in English?(common)
7)      Which one is  book on the table?(heavy)
8)      She was  girl in this city.(beautiful)
9)  Antartica is  place in the world.(cold)
10)  Summer is  season.(good)
11)  His son is  boy is this school.(lazy)
12) Who is  boy in school?(fat)