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A. Look at the photos and choose the right options.
1. Antarctica is the �on Earth!������������������ 2.�The Amazon is the �in the world.�
�� �
3.�The Dead Sea is the �in the world.������ 4.�Mt. Everest is the �on Earth!
5.�Is the Nile the �in the world?�������������� 6.�The�Sahara is the �of all!�
7.�Angels Falls are the �on Earth.����������� 8.�Is the blue whale the �in the world?
B. Type the missing words.
A: What's the� �animal on Earth?
B: The�blue whale is the heaviest.
A: What's the �desert?���
B:�The Sahara is the hottest. Why?
A: What's the longest river of all?���
B: The�Nile is the �river on Earth.
A: What about the Amazon?
B: The�Amazon? Well, it's the �river in the world.
A: What's the tallest waterfall in the planet?
B:�Angel Falls are the���of all!
A: Is the Dead Sea the� �place on Earth?
B:�Yes, it's the lowest in the world.
A: Where can you find penguins?�
B:�I think in Antarctica: the �continent on Earth...�
A: What's the �mountain of all?
B:�Mt. Everest!
C. Analyse this:
D. What's the SUPERLATIVE form of these words?
1.�Famous ������� 2.�Cold������� �� 3. Heavy ����������� �4.�Big
5.�Good�������� ���������6.�Bad ������������ 7.�Dry �������������������8.�Beautiful
Now type the SUPERLATIVE of the words in parentheses.
1.�People say Paris (beautiful) city in the world!
2.�The Eiffel Tower (famous) place in Paris.��
3.�I think Rio de Janeiro (good)�city to visit in Brazil.
4.�The Atacama Desert, in Chile, (dry)�place on Earth.
5.�What's (hot) place in the world? Is it the Sahara?��
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