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Who is the real Keanu Reaves?


                Keanu decided to be an actor at the age of 15, when he had a few acting
lessons and became hooked. He spent some time working in a pasta restaurant and
sharpening skates at an ice hockey rink in order to pay his way. He went to auditions
between shifts and got various parts in local theatre and TV productions, as well as a part
in Coca-Cola advert.
                    At 19 he decided to take a risk and try his luck in Hollywood. Within eight
months, he’d got his first major role in Youngblood, which, funnily enough, was all about
ice hockey. After Youngblood Keanu starred in several other films, but it wasn’t until 1991,
when he was given the part of Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that he
started to make a name for himself.
                   Trying to shake off his ‘dumb and distant’ image, Keanu later took more
challenging parts, like a hired killer in I Love You to Death and an FBI agent in Point
Break, but it was in the box office hit Speed in 1994 that he really showed his talent.
Producers were desperate to have Keanu back for the sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control but
he shocked everyone by rejecting the reported £9 million offer to tour Europe, America
 and Japan with his band Dogstar, in which he plays bass guitar.

                   So what else does he get up to? In reality he has no home at all. Instead, he lives

 out of a suitcase and flits from one five star hotel to another. We also know that he’s into
motorbikes in a big way and that the reckless rider had had two accidents, one in which he
broke an ankle and the other which left him with a 25-centimetre navel-to-chest scar.

                   Keanu likes to do things properly and once he gets a role, he loves getting his

teeth into it. However, despite his good looks, a successful career and vast sums of money,
Keanu claims: ‘Life isn’t a bowl of cherries and I don’t consider myself a happy person.’


 Choose the most appropriate option:

1. Keanu did different jobs as younger in order to:

    be able to pay for his auditions. 

     save money for his favourite sport.

     be able to travel.

     earn enough money by himself.

2. Before Hollywood, he worked for a while

    in a local theatre and TV station.

     as a hockey player.

     in shifts.

     in Coca-Cola.

3. The first film that made him known was


      Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

      I Love You to Death

      Point Break

4. Producers were desperate because

      of Keanu’s ‘dumb and distant’ image .

      he didn’t prove very talented in the roles of hired killer and an FBI agent.

      they needed him badly for the second part of a hit film starred by him .

      he decided to quit acting completely and go on tour with his band Dogstar.

5. Keanu

      doesn’t earn as much money for his films as he does as a musician .

      doesn’t like having to go from one hotel to another while making films.

      doesn’t have a house or flat to live in like others.

      is not very fond of motorbikes .

6. Keanu has already had a couple of accidents in which he injured

     his leg and upper front part of the body.

     his arm and upper front part of the body .

     his arm and head .

     his leg and back .

7. This actor enjoys       

    rejecting offers which he finds ridiculous.

     his good looks, fame and money.

     sweet food like cherries .

     doing his best when he’s given an opportunity.

8. Keanu Reaves    

     has not always enjoyed his job.

     does not care much about being attractive.

     does not find life so easy and sweet.

     is proud of being praised by others.                             


I     Choose the correct option (a, b, c or d):

1. His bicycle’s been already found, ______________?

     is it        
    isn’t he        
    hasn’t it      
    is it not

2. I know it’s not going to be _____ easy ______ too interesting, but I still want to try it.

     either …. or
    and … and
    neither … nor
    as … as

3. Look, it says here that the ____________ department is on the third floor.


4. I have to go ______ home now, but I’ll be back _______ twenty minutes, so wait here.

      to … in 
     to … for 
     / … for 
     / … in

5. I __________ her if she ___________ that again. 

         hit … will say
        ‘ll hit … would say
        ‘ll hit … says
        ‘ll hit … said

6. You can’t live very long without ___________.

     to eat
     you eat

7. Will you ____________ to see me off at the airport tomorrow morning?

    so kind 
    be able

8. What’s the typical food that __________English eat at _________ Easter?

     the … the 
     the … /
     / … the
     / … /

9. Her classmates sometimes simply enjoy _________ arrogant to other girls in the class.

    to be 

10. _________your tongue, young man! How dare you talk to me like that?

 Watch out
Look out for 
Take care of



II Complete the text using the appropriate form of the words in brackets:

I went to Edinburgh last week on business. Previously, I’d already made the (1)
 (decide) to do some shopping after the meetings. So I (2)  (set) off
 towards the city centre. I entered this huge shopping mall and very quickly
my eyes (3)  (draw) to a beautifully arranged shoe store. I found a model
of boots perfect for my daughter, but when the shop assistant asked me for the size,
I felt so (4)  (embarrass) because I suddenly realized I didn’t know it.
 Nor did I know my daughter’s (5)  (high) which I needed to buy her a proper jacket
she’d ordered from me. When I (6) (raise) my hand, the shop assistant was looking
at me (7)  (anger) as if she wanted to say: ‘’Oh, you fathers!’’ A regretful smile was
(8) (little) I could offer her before I apologized and left the shop promising to be
back as soon as I made a phone call. Unfortunately, although I (9) (keep) calling for
hours, I couldn’t get my daughter or wife on the phone. I felt like I was betraying the most
important (10) (friend) I had ever developed in my life.


III Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence using a relative
        pronoun or indirect speech and the given beginning.
1.   The woman has gone to the police station. The woman’s car was stolen.
      The woman  .
2.   How does this new dishwasher work?  I don’t understand that.
      I don’t understand  .
3.   What did you lend her the money for?  I want to know it.
      I want to know  .

4.  Must we send all the invitations today? I don’t know that.
      I don’t know  .
5.  Gaudi designed lots of these buildings. He was a famous Spanish architect.
     Lots of there buildings   .

IV Read the whole text first.

     Then fill in each blank with one suitable word:

The new teacher entered (1)  classroom and introduced (2)  to the class:

 ‘’My name is Mrs Hughes.’’  The teacher opened the attendance register and called the
(3)  names to check if anybody was (4)  from school that day. There were
23 of them and Mrs Hughes recognized only little Stephen Martins (5)  the rest of
the children.