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Hi there! I知 Julian Smith. I知 fourteen years old and I知 a student at Nottingham school.
I am a good student and have good grades, so my parents allow me to have a band as a hobby. I知 the lead singer and I also play the electric guitar. I知 a very sociable and friendly boy. I have many friends all over the world. I meet them the world. I meet them online through my personal page on facebook.
We live on the outskirts of Nottingham. Our house is quite nice. It has four bedrooms, a toilet, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a studio, a kitchen, a hall and a garage. There痴 where I play with my mates to practice our own songs and covers, before performing all weekends at local pubs or other venues. We are amateurs but we love playing music.
My mother is a medical doctor at the local hospital neurologist. And my father is a Judge also at the local Court of Law. My mother woks on shifts and her job is very demanding and tiring. But she feels quite happy when she saves people痴 lives. She痴 is very nice to all her patients. As a mother she is very strict and she is always checking if I am doing well at school!!! My father also worries about how I manage my studies with the band. He doesn稚 tolerate any bad grades unless I lose the right to be part of my band. I have got two twin sisters, younger than me. They drive me crazy because I think they are so childish.. Well, after all they are only six years old. They are also good students. When my parents are out and can稚 take of them for professional reasons; I have to baby sit them! What a burden!!!
A Answer these questions on the text:
  1. How old is Julian Smith?
  2. Where does he study?
  3. What his hobby?
  4. Which musical instrument does he play?
  5. Does he sing?
  6. How many siblings does he have?
B Complete these statements on the tex:
  1. He can be part of a band because
  2. He can meet many people through
  3. He plays with his mates in
  4. His house has got
  5. His mother wants to know if Julian grades are
  6. Her mother does not have a fix timetable, she
  7. Being the older child in the family, forces Julian to
  8. He believes his sisters are rather
C Ask questions for the underlined answers:
  1. ?
Julian Smith plays twice a week with his band in the garage.
  1. ?
They play some originals and also some covers.
  1. ?
His house has got four bedrooms.
D - Find the words below here:
garage - band - guitar - hospital - bathroom - facebook - grades