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Titanic tenses

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1- Fill in the gaps with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.

In April 1912 Rose DeWitt Bukater (board) the Titanic, a liner that was travelling from Southampton to New York. She was with her mother and her snob fiancé Caledon Hockley. Rose was a rich woman who (meet) her future husband at university. However, Cal was not what she (expect) and she felt helplessly trapped. She (think) of killing herself by jumping from the ship, but then a passenger travelling in third-class, Jack Dawson, convinced her not to do it. Rose told everyone she (try) to see the propellers when she suddenly (slip) and that if it (be) for Jack, she would have fallen into the sea. He was considered a hero and invited to have dinner with them in a first-class restaurant. In the following days Rose and Jack  (fall) in love and started a secret relationship. Rose asked him to make a drawing of her wearing only a huge expensive jewel that her fiancé  (give) to her. She left it in Cal's safe so that he would find it. But she had not expected Cal's reaction. He  (hide) the jewel and told the on-board police that Jack  (steal) it. Immediately, he was arrested and handcuffed to a pipe. Meanwhile the Titanic had fatally struck and iceberg and (inevitably/sink). When Rose realized what Cal had done, she (look) for Jack and freed him. Then they tried to get into a lifeboat but when Rose (see) that Jack was not allowed to get into one she decided to stay on board with him. She and Jack survived the sinking but the water was too cold and in the end Jack (die) of hypothermia. Rose, who (climb) onto a floating piece of wood, was finally rescued by an officer who (look) for survivors. When she arrived in New York she changed her surname and started a new life.