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Yes Man Movie Activity




Who is Who?


1.    Carl  (    )

a.    Carl’s ex-wife

1.    Terrence  (     )

b.    Carl’s boss at the bank

2.    Nick   (   )

c.    Yes-Man Guru

3.    Allison   (     )

d.    A friend who invites Carl to the YES conference

4.    Norman   (    )

e.    A singer and a photographer

5.    Stephanie   (   )

f.     Former No-Man

Write true or false on the corresponding space at the end of each sentence. And then, choose one of the answers under each sentences.


1.    At the beginning Carl is a banker and He is happy with his job and life.   


2.    Carl attends a YES conference.     



3.    Carl makes a covenant.     

4.     The first time Carl met Allison was in a bar.   


5.    Alison fell in love with another guy before.



6.    Carl takes Allison to a Harry Potter theme party at Norman’s.  



 7.    Carl gets a promotion at the bank because he doesn’t give any loans . .



 8.    Carl can speak Japanese.


9.    Carl gets arrested at the airport because police think he is a terrorist.



10. Allison gets angry with Carl because she thinks he says YES because he has to.




11. Carl gets injured in a car accident and stays in hospital.  




12. Allison forgives Carl and they are happy again.    




Choose the correct OPTION.



13.    What happened to Carl to say ‘yes’ to everything?



2.    What happened with Carl when he said ‘no’ for the first time?  Clap