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Deserted Island (Past Simple)

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EXERCISE 1 Put the verbs into Past Simple.�

It �(be) a very interesting adventure. I �(visit) an island. I �(be) alone. I �(live) on

the island three weeks. The island �(be) beautiful. There �(be) many beautiful plants. There
(be) beautiful trees and flowers. There (be) unusual birds and animals. I (make) a little house from
trees and leaves. I (collect) fruits from the trees. Luckily, I (have) a bottle. I (can) collect
water from the river. I (make) a fire. I (boil) water on the fire. I (explore) the island. It
�(be) deserted. It �(be) small. I (find) a nest. I (take) some eggs. I (boil) the
eggs in a bucket because I (not/have) a pot. After three weeks a rescue team (find) me and
(rescue) me. It �(be) a very interesting adventure and useful experience.
EXERCISE�2 Vocabulary builder.
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