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Comparing Animals

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A. Based on the photos, click on the right options!
1. I think cats are  than dogs.                  2. Cheetahs are  than tigers.
3. Elephants are  than lions.            4. Grasshoppers are  than ants.
5. Lions are  than zebras.                 6. Penguins are  than pandas.
7. Are whales as   as sharks?                  8. Dogs are as  as cats, I think.         
B. Check this out: how to form comparatives!
Intelligent  more intelligent than                Playful  more playful  than
Small          smaller than                  Fast    faster than  
Cute           cuter than                     Gentle  gentler than 
Friendly   friendlier than                Scary   scarier than 
Big            bigger than  
Good  better than      Bad  worse than
C. Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the words in blue.
A: Dogs are  (friendly) than cats, I think.
B: Well, yes, but cats are  (cute)!
A: Elephants are  (intelligent) than zebras.
B: True. And they're  (gentle),too. 
A: Are penguins  (good) swimmers than dolphins?
B: I don't know, but dolphins are  (bigthan penguins.
D. Now compare these animals!  
e.g.:  Ants are smaller than (small) grasshoppers.
1.Cheetahs  (fast) tigers.
2. SharkSharkSharks  (scary) whales.
3. Snakes  (bad) spiders.
E. Now observe this:
To show a similarity: 
            ARE +  + QUALITY
 e.g.: Pandas  are   as cute  as cats.
To show a difference: 
        AREN'T +  + QUALITY
e.g.: Sharks aren't as intelligent as whales .
Now tick the correct options.
1. I think cats aren't .......... dogs.
     as gentle             as gentle as               gentle as
2. Are tigers as ...... lions?
     dangerous as      as dangerous as         dangerous
3. I guess zebras are ........ elephants.
     intelligent        as intelligent             as intelligent as
F. While youTick the animals you see in the movie passages.
After youClick on the right options to compare the two scenes!
A: The Donkey scene isn't as  the Puss scene!
B: Really? I think the Donkey scene is .
A: Are the three little cats as   as Puss?
B: Not really: these cats are  than Puss!
                                                                                                                                                Enjoy it! Tongue 
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