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Too, so and such

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1. Complete the sentences with too, so or such.

1. I like your brother. He is interesting.

2. Her boyfriend is very handsome, but he can be a bighead.

3. Don't believe them. they're liars.

4. Thanks for the flowers. You are romantic.

5. I think I've failed the exam. It was difficult.

6. I'd love to go to New York. It's an interesting city.

7. He never goes out. He's a bore.

8. I haven't liked the film. It was romantic.

9. I know you said terrible things about my friends. You're a hypocrite.

10. I couldn't watch one part of the film. It was frightening.

2. Choose the correct words.

1. I don't like the new students. they're � (such / so) bullies.

2. We'll meet at the caf�. It's (such / too) late to go to the cinema.

3. I love this film. It's (so / too) romantic.

4. I went to Paris (so / such) a long time ago.

5. I'm not going to buy this house. It's (too / such) dark.

6. Your sister always gets (so / such a) jealous because her boyfriend is (so / such a) flirt.