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Verb to be with WH-questions

Exercise 1: Put ‘What, Who, When, Where, Why, How’ in the blank.

1. is that?                                               It is a pencil.

2. are those girls?                                 They are my granddaughters.

3. is your birthday?                            It is on March 15.

4. are you here?                                     Because I want to see you.

5. am I?                                                  You are in Montreal.

6. is on the table?                                 My bag.

7. is your English teacher?                 Mr. Andrew.

8. is your telephone number?         It’s 022224556.

9. are you?                                                I’m fine.

10. is the coffee?                                     It is very sweet.

11. are his parents?                           They are in China.

12. are you?                                              I am a mechanic.

13.  is John’s birthday?                        It is on December 12.

14. old is she?                                          She is twelve years old.

15. is your father sick?                         Because he works very hard.

16. are these?                                        They are candies.

17.  is Christmas Day?                         On December 25.

18. are my notebooks?                      They are on the bookshelf.

19.  is that tall man?                              He is my brother.

20. are the children sad?                    They don’t go to the zoo.


Exercise 2: Make the questions with ‘What, Who, When, Where, Why, How’.

1. Q:

    A: That woman is my mother.

2. Q:

    A: This film is interesting.

3. Q:    

     A: My father is in the car.

4. Q:

    A: My hat is on the table.

5. Q:    

     A: Your children are at school.

6. Q:

    A: I am in America now.

7. Q:

    A: John is here because he wants to talk with you.

8. Q:

    A: Those are sheep.

9. Q:

    A: My birthday is on August 22.

10. Q:

       A: His telephone number is 022326745.

11. Q:

       A: My grandfather is in hospital because he is sick.

12. Q:

       A: Miss Aniston is my doctor.

13. Q:

       A: The concert is on Wednesday 12.

14. Q:

       A: Bobby and his friends are in the garden.

15. Q:       

       A: Tom is in the living room.

16. Q:

       A: New Year Day is on January 1.

17. Q:

       A: Mr. Billy is my English teacher.

18. Q:

       A: This cake is delicious.

19. Q:

       A: That beautiful woman is John’s sister.

20. Q:

       A: This is a pineapple.