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So - Too - Either - Neither

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Pronouns of Agreement: So, Too, Either and Neither
Level: advanced
Age: 10-17
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either/neither so/too
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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(Too/either)- (So....I/neither.... ..I)
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Age: 9-17
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Age: 12-17
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Neither and So.
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Age: 15-100
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so, too, either, neither
Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
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So - Too - Either - Neither


Positive Statements (So- Too)

                                           So + Auxiliar + Subject                           Subject + Auxiliar + Too

I like dogs                            So       does        Mary.                              Mary      does       too.

I went to the movies
                  So          did       Mary.                              Mary        did        too.    

Negative Statements (Neither - Either)

                                         Neither + Auxiliar + Subject                   Subject + Auxiliar (negative form) + Either

I donīt like cats.                 Neither     does        Mary.                        Mary                doesnīt                either. 

I didnīt like cats.                Neither     did          Mary.                        Mary                 didnīt                 either. 

* Pay attention to the verbal tense. Donīt forget to use the auxiliar according to it.

1) Fill in the blanks with so, too, either and neither.

a) Jim goes to school everyday. Mary.          Mary .
b) Carol studied Biology. Paul.            Paul .
c) Kaique is a very good student.   Tati.            Tati .
d) Vinicius canīt play the guitar. Antonio.        Antonio  .
e) Mariana bakes delicious cakes Tamires.       Tamires .
f) Adriano will sing tomorrow Roger.         Roger .
h) Jonathan did the homework Solemar.      Solemar .
i) Erick has told a funny joke  Sarah.         Sarah .
j) They didnīt eat the salad I.                I .
k) My mother hasnīt finished the juice my sister.     My sister .
l) Lisa and Ann donīt go to the party   they.            They .
m) I would travel to Bali   we.               We .
n) We will have lunch together  she.             She .

2) Agree with the statements.

a) I worked hard last week..
b) My sister has got a new job .
c) My friends havenīt gotten married yet .
d) Kim is going to have a baby .
e) They love studying English.
f) They didnīt go to the mall last holiday. .
g) My parents will travel on Christmas .
h) They arenīt going to the concert
i) Rick speaks Spanish .
j) Nick is a good singer .