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1. Watch the video about birds but notice that bats are not birds!  They are mammals!
2. Write the names of these birds.

3. Do you know the names of these birds?  Click on the correct answer.



3. PARTS of a BIRD: Match the word to its description.
     A. Beak  B. Comb  C. Crest  D. Feather  E.Talon  F. Wattle  G. Web  H. Wing  
 it moves up and down and allows birds to fly  a thin layer of skin between the toes
 a set of feathers on the top of the head  the hard curved or pointed part of the bird's mouth
 a piece of skin that hangs from the head or neck   a piece of red flesh on the top of the head
 one of the sharp nails on the feet of birds that kill other animals for food  one of the narrow tubes with thin soft hairs on each side that cover a bird's body
4. Match each description to the corresponding picture.

5.Write All, Most or Some to complete the sentences.
 a.  birds have feathers.  f.  birds eat insects.
 b. birds can fly.  g.  birds lay eggs.
 c.  birds can swim.  h.  birds migrate.
 d.  birds eat fish.  i.  acquactic birds have webbed feet.
 e.  birds build nests.  j.  birds have beaks.