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Before you
What did�they�do on their last vacation?
��� �
1. They �the beach.���������������������� 2. This family trip.
����� ����� ���
3. Mike�cool animals!����������������� 4.�He��in the ocean.
5. I�different food!��������������������� 6.�They�in the forest.
��������� ����
7. They�a mountain!��������������� �8. He��photos!
Now look at the pictures and type the actions in the past.
A: I �a boat trip last summer!�� ������� �
B: Really? You� �pictures, right?
A: Ben� to the beach last vacation, right? ���� �
B: Yes: and he �in the ocean.
A:�We��hiking in Australia last vacation. ��������
B: Oh, that's great!
C: We��different and delicious food there!
While you
What did he do on his last holiday? Tick what you see.
a. He took a train in France.�b. He didn't take a train in France.
a. He�danced on the street.����b. He didn't dance on the street.
a. He�took photos.�����������������b. He didn't take photos.
a. He�ate delicious food.��������b. He didn't eat delicious food.
a. He went to the beach.��������b. He didn't go to the beach.
a. He�swam in the ocean.�������b.�He didn't swim in the ocean.
After you
Observe how to form the simple past of
���������� some�verbs.
�Irregular Verbs����������������Regular Verbs (add -ed)
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ down arrow
Take����Took a train�����������������������*Climb�- Climbed� *Surf�- Surfed
Eat� ����Ate food����������������������������*Like - Liked��� ���� *Dance�- Danced
See��� ��Saw animals����������������������*Study�-�Studied
Go ��� ��Went to the beach������������*Stay -��Stayed����� �*Play� -��Played
Swim Swam�in the ocean
Now complete the dialogue with the past form of the verbs in parentheses.
������������������������������ Vs�� �
A:�Did you go to the beach on your last weekend?������������
B: No, I didn't: I �(stay) home and �(study). What about you?
A:�I went to a party: the dj �(play) cool songs and I �(dance)�a��
���� lot! I really� (like) that party!�����������
Answer the questions with Irregular &�Regular Verbs:
������������������������������������ I
A:�What did you do on your last trip?������������
B:�Mike and I�hiking, we��a mountain, and I �a lot of
���� photos!�I really �this trip!
������������������������������������� II
A:�Did you have a good time last weekend?������������
B:�Yes, I did!�I��home�and I��in the pool with my friends.
���� Later we soccer all afternoon.
Match dialogs I & II to the pictures below. One picture is EXTRA.
��� �
������������������������� ��������������������������
Check it out:forming the simple past negative.
���� �didn't + base form
I���� didn't take�a boat trip.
We didn'tclimb a mountain.
Now type the negative:
1. I took a boat trip. I �(not take) photos.
2. I�saw beautiful people. I��(not see) different animals.
3. I went to the beach. I �(not go) hiking.
4. Last weekend I just stayed home. I �(not like) it!
Match questions & answers:
1. A:�How was your last trip?������
2. A:�Did you have a good time?����������
3. A:�Where did your parents�go?�������������������������
4. A:�What did you do�on your last trip?�
��� B:�I went to the beach and swam!
��� B: It was really cool.
��� B:�No, I didn't. I had a real bad time!
��� B:�They went to Brazil!
������������������������������������������ Enjoy it! Tongue
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