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passive voice

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Complete teh sentences using passive in present simple.
1-Stories �in the classroom (write)
2-Students �a lot of homwork (give)
3- Films �in the cinema at the weekend (watch)
4- Songs ��in the classroom. (sing)
5- Skateboards �in the city squares. (ride)
6- English� �all around the world. (speak)
7- Letters �by a postman at 8 every day. (deliver)
8 This bag �in the bus. (find)
9 The dress �in hot water.(not/can/wash)
10 �your motorbike �? (repair)
2- Choose the correct option
1-Louse made the coffee
2-The sugar water was relished by the hummingbirds.
3-Jogging is done by many people for exercise.
4- They often listen to music.
5- These cars are produced in Japan.
6-Greg teaches Geography.
7-Many houses were destroyed by the earthquake in 1986.
8-The bus driver was hurt in the accident
9-My son is riding his bike
10Henry Ford invented the assembly line