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Match a verb to its corresponding picture. Write the verbs in the box.

1. change the cat's litter    2. make my bed    3. set the table  4. clear the table  5. load the dishwasher  6. unload the dishwasher  7. do the housework
8. hoover my room  9. tidy up my room  10. sweep the floor  11. walk the dog   12. wash the dog  13. do the washing-up  14. read in bed
15. watch TV  16. surf the net  17. stay in bed 18. feed the dog

A.    B.    C.   D. E.           F.

G.     H.   I J.          K.                 L.
  M.   N. O.             P.      Q.   R.

Complete the sentences with "can" "must" or "mustn't".

  1. On school days, most children go to bed at 8:30pm or 9pm but at weekends they  usually go to bed later.
  2. Most children help their parents with the housework: they tidy their rooms regularly, and they set and clear the table every day.
  3. On school days I watch TV late but I read in bed until 9pm.
  4. My family doesn't have a dishwasher so every day after dinner I help my mother do the washing-up.
  5. Having a pet is a lot of work ! You walk it every day, you feed it several times a day and you wash it regularly.
  6. On school days, I wake up early, like at 6:30 am, but at weekends I stay in bed and get up later.