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Toy Soldiers

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                              TOY SOLDIERS BY MARTIKA                                

                                              Watch the Video                                             


Part 1 - Some words are missing from this stanza. Look at the pictures below. The first letter of each picture makes what the word is called

1              2       


(1)  by (1)  , (2) to (2) ,
(3)  right (3)  ,
We all fall down like (4)  soldiers.

Part 2 - Unjumble the bold words in this stanza

It wasn't my NONETNITI  to mislead you
It never should have been this YWA
What can I AYS
It's true, I did extend the NONIATTIVI
I never knew how long you'd YAST

Part 3 - Choose the correct word
When you hear temptation     call    fall
It's your heart that takes, takes the    call     fall
(Won't you come out and play with me)
Part 4 - This stanza is not in the correct order. Number it correctly

    But the battle wages on for toy soldiers
  We all fall down like toy soldiers                     
 Bit by bit torn apart, we never win 

  Step by step, heart to heart
  Left right left
Part 5 - Listen and choose the correct option
It's getting  to wake up in the ,
My  is spinning
 can it be?
 could I be so blind to this ?
If I don't   the next one's gonna be .
Part 6 - Listen and discover the missing words
Only emptiness
It replaces all, all the
(Won't you come out and  with me)
Repeat Part 4
Repeat Part 6
Repeat Part 4
After listening activities to discuss in class - Answer

a. When was this song at the top of the charts? Do you know?

b. Do you know anything about Martika?
c. What do you think the song is about?

I hope you like it! Ms. Liliana Lo Preiato  Embarrassed