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Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

put(twice)������� eat������� wash��������������� get����������� cut
First, you��your hands. Then you �a knife. You �butter and jam on the slices of bread. Next you �one slice of bread on top of the other slice. You �the sandwich in half. Finally, you �the sandwich.
Match the following.
1. a glass of����������
2. a cup of������������
3. a slice of�����������
4. a jar of��������������
5. a packet of��������
Answer the riddles.
1. I say 'Moo moo!' I give you milk.Who am I?������� Cow� Hen
2. I say 'Cluck cluck!' I give you eggs�.Who am I?����Hen�� Cat
3. I say 'Meow meow!' I eat rats.Who am I?����������� Cat��� Hen
I say 'Woof woof!' I eat meat.Who am I?�����������������Dog� Cow