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Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

put(twice)        eat        wash                get            cut
First, you  your hands. Then you  a knife. You  butter and jam on the slices of bread. Next you  one slice of bread on top of the other slice. You  the sandwich in half. Finally, you  the sandwich.
Match the following.
1. a glass of          
2. a cup of            
3. a slice of           
4. a jar of              
5. a packet of        
Answer the riddles.
1. I say 'Moo moo!' I give you milk.Who am I?        Cow  Hen
2. I say 'Cluck cluck!' I give you eggs .Who am I?    Hen   Cat
3. I say 'Meow meow!' I eat rats.Who am I?            Cat    Hen
I say 'Woof woof!' I eat meat.Who am I?                 Dog  Cow