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What are the rules ?

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1.Read the following sentences and decide if they express an obligation, an interdiction or a permission. Write your answer in the box.

I mustn't be rude to my teachers or my parents.   This is a / an...   
I must obey my parents.      This is a / an                                            ˜
Eating sweets in class is forbidden. This is a / an                            ˜
I'm not allowed to play cards in class.  This is a / an                      ˜
I can play video games after dinner.    This is a / an                      ˜
Respecting the speed limit is compulsory. This is a / an             ˜
At weekends, I'm allowed to go to bed at 10:30.   This is a / an

2. Write a sentence using " I can...", " I must..." or" I mustn't...".Respect the meaning ! Don't forget to start your sentences with a capital letter !!!
It is strictly forbidden to fight at school.    
I'm allowed to drink water in class when it's hot.
I'm not allowed to cheat during a test.                                                             
I'm allowed to ask questions when I don't understand.
Chewing gum is forbidden at school.
Respecting my friends and my teachers is compulsory.

3. Transform the sentences using " I'm allowed to", "  I'm not allowed to", " ... is forbidden", or " ... is compulsory".

I mustn't wear shorts or short skirts at school.
I can play football at lunchtime.
I can't phone or text in class.
I must learn my lessons on a regular basis.
In the English class, I can fiddle with * my favourite  soft toy. 
I can't fiddle with my pens because it's noisy !

* fiddle with something = touch something with no particular purpose.