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Euro 2012

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Euro 2012
1. Who does sing the official Euro 2012 song?
a. Madonna
b. Oceana
c. Rihanna
2. What is the name of official Euro 2012 ball?
a. Tango 12
b. Jabulani
c. Slavko
3. Which countries are the host countries?
a. Poland and Czech Republic
b. Ukraine and Poland
c. Germany and Poland
4. How many teams will play in the tournament?
a. 14
b. 16
c. 18
5. What is the name of the official mascots of the UEFA Euro 2012?
a. Siemko and Strimko
b. Klemek and Ladko
c. Slavek and Slavko
6. Which coulors are on the flag of Ukraine?
a. blue and white
b. white and red
c. blue and yellow
7. Where will the final of Euro 2012 take place?
a. at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev 
b. at the National Stadium in Warsaw
c. at the Arena Lviv
8. When does the Euro 2012 start?
a. on June 9th
b. on June 8th
c. on June 10th