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Under the sea

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Match the pictures and the sentences.
 Winnie puts on flippers and goggles and dives into the water.
 Winnie and Wilbur zooms in the sky to the island.
 Wilbur finds the magic wand in a treasure chest!
 Winnie and Wilbur float back to the shore.
 On the internet, Winnie finds a little island.
 The island has got blue sea, golden sand and coconut trees.
 Winnie waves her magic wand and the yellow boat becomes a yellow submarine.
 The sea is full of fish, dolphins, turtles and coral.
 They find a comfortable hat.
 Suddenly a fish lion flips his tail and Winnie looses her magic wand.
 Winnie waves her magic wand and she is an octopus!
 Winnie waves her magic wand and Wilbur is a cat-fish!