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Under the sea

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Match the pictures and the sentences.
�Winnie puts on flippers and goggles and dives into the water.
�Winnie and Wilbur zooms in the sky to the island.
�Wilbur finds the magic wand in a treasure chest!
�Winnie and Wilbur float back to the shore.
�On the internet, Winnie finds a little island.
�The island has got blue sea, golden sand and coconut trees.
�Winnie waves her magic wand and the yellow boat becomes a yellow submarine.
�The sea is full of fish, dolphins, turtles and coral.
�They find a comfortable hat.
�Suddenly a fish lion flips his tail and Winnie looses her magic wand.
�Winnie waves her magic wand and she is an octopus!
�Winnie waves her magic wand and Wilbur is a cat-fish!