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The Siamese cats song

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You are going to watch a cartoon.
In the cartoon these animals live together in a house:
a dog two Siamese cats a goldfish in a bowl   a canary in a cage
1. What's going to happen? Tick one option.

The dog helps the cat chase the canary.
The canary eats the goldfish.
 The dog helps the goldfish & the canary to escape from the cats.
The cats help the dog escape from the canary.
2. Now watch the video.
3. Tick the right answer.
Where's the canary?
 In a box.
 In a cage.
 In a basket.
What's on the piano?
 A vase with water and flowers.
 Some books.
 A plant.
What the cats want to do to the goldfish?
 They want to be friends.
 They want to play with the fish.
 They want to eat the fish.
What happens to the goldfish?
 The dog saves him.
 The cats eat the goldfish.
 The goldfish becomes friends with the cats.
Why are the cats interested in the baby?
 They want to play with him.
 They want his milk.
 They love him.
4. Now you sing the song.