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1. Choose the most appropriate tense form to complete each sentence:

a. Rachel always  a lot about everything.

b. Why  me yesterday?

c. Which book  at the moment?

d. Yuk! These bananas  very good.

e. John  to Sam when I saw him.

f. I  the internet at 10:30 last night.

g. Jane’s not here. She  to Paris for the weekend.

h. I  my friends yet. I hope to meet them tomorrow.

i. My parents  for 26 years. They celebrate their anniversary next week.

j. If they , they’ll miss the film.

k. He can’t come to the cinema tonight. He  his aunt.

l. If it  so hot, we’d play outside.

m. My mum  her job if she won the lottery.

n. Coca-Cola  by John Pemberton.


2. Match the questions to the most appropriate answers:

a. When was your little sister born?                                    - It doesn't go all the way.

b. What's the matter with you?                                         - Yes I did

c.  What does your best friend look like?                               - I'd go to discos.

d. Who's the youngest in your family?                                   - on September 3rd


e. Have you ever failed an English test?                                - my brother John


f. Did you use to bite your nails when you were young?               - No, I haven't


g. What would you do if you were 18?                                  - He's got fair hair and is quite handsome.


h. Does this bus go to the British Museum?                            - I've got a terrible headache.


3. Change the sentences below into AFFIRMATIVE, NEGATIVE or INTERROGATIVE:


A. I met a film star in the street last year.


B.  My sister has been to England twice this year.


C. I didn't get his reply straight away.


D. My dad used to go to my local primary school.


E. Are you going to stay in bed tomorrow?


F. The weather will be good next week.