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Park regulations

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1. Look at the pictures, then write a number for each rule.
† Donít swim in the river!
† Donít harm animals!
† Put your litter in the bin!
† Walk on the path.
† Don't pick flowers.
† Donít light fires!
2. Now you write the rules.
1. Don't harm animals.
2. !
3. !
4. .
5. .
6. !
2. What can you do in a public park? Answer the questions. Write†Yes, I can or No, I can't.
Can you walk?
Can you ride a motor bike?
Can you ride a bike?
Can you pick flowers?
Can you play football?
Can you drive your car?
Can you run?
Can you see wild animals?
Can you relax?
Can you play freesbee?
Can you light fires?
Can you harm animals?
Can you have a picnic?