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London - Madame Tussaud´s

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1. Choose the right word.
This is a very special  .
Here you can find    of very    people.
There are wax models of sports stars, actors and actresses, singers, politicians, characters and the Royal family.
2. Who's Madame Tussaud? Read her story.
 Madame Marie Tussaud was a wax sculptor in Paris.
 In the early 19th century, after the French Revolution, she went to Britain.
 Marie toured the British Isles with the exhibition for years.
 In 1835 she settled the exhibition in London.
 Today you can visit Madame Tussaud's in many major cities:
 Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York,
 Las Vegas, Hollywood, Washington D.C., Vienna and Blackpool.
3. True or False?
 T  F
Madame Tussaud was British.
She was a sculptor.
She had an exhibition of wax models.
In 1835 she settled in Rome.
There are many Madame Tussaud's in the world.
At madame Tussaud's you can see real VIPs.
3. Look at the wax models. Read the descriptions. Write the name of the VIP in the box.
She’s a pop singer.
She’s wearing an orange dress.
She’s number
He’s Spanish.
He’s a famous tennis player.
He’s number
He’s tall. He’s wearing a brown jacket and a brown hat.
He’s number
He’s tall. He’s got short black hair.
He’s American.
He’s number
He’s Portuguese.
He’s a famous football player.
He’s number
She’s a pop singer.
She’s got long blond hair.
She’s number
He’s big and green.
He’s very dangerous.
He’s number
He’s a superhero.
He wears a red mask.
He’s number
She’s American.
She’s a famous tennis player.
She’s number
She’s a pop singer.
She’s got short blond hair.
She’s number
He's from Canada.
He's a singer and an actor.
He's number
He’s an American actor.
He played in the movie «Titanic».
He’s number
4. Do you like Madame Tussaud's? Let's play the video!