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I´m on my way - Shrek soundtrack

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Watch the video, sing the song and then complete the text
I'm on my way from misery to happiness
I'm on my way from misery to  today
I'm on my  to what I want from this world
And years from now you'll make it to the next
And  that you receive up yonder
Is what you gave me the  I wandered
I took a , I took a right turning yesterday
I took a right, I took a right turning
I took the road that brought me to your  town
I took the  to streets that I could walk down
I walked the  to find the one I'd look for
I climbed the stair that led me to your front
And  that I don't want for anything
I'd have Al Jolson  "I'm sitting on top of the world"
I'll do my , I'll do my best to do the best I can
I'll do my best, I'll do my best to  the best I can
To keep my  from jumping from the ground dear
To keep my heart from jumping through my  dear
To keep the , the past and not the present
To try and learn when you teach me a
And now that I don't  for anything
I'd have Al Jolson sing "I'm sitting on  of the world"