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They´ve found a fossil.

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They've found a fossil!

A.     Choose the correct option.

1. A girl has discovered the         2. Researchers have identified 
    of a baby mammoth.                         the  of early humans.
3. An explorer has found the       4. Scientists have found the
of a huge crocodile in the Sahara desert.       of a dinosaur.
              5. A teenage boy has discovered the       
               of an early human in Ethiopia.
Study the chart and timelines
B. Rewrite the statements correcting them.
1. Researchers have discovered an early human skeleton in 1992..
2. Tyrannosaurus rex has lived in America 68 millions years ago.
3. Until now, information about early humans have been hard to get.
4. Bill joined the photography club. Since then, he have took lots of pictures. .
5. My bestfriend taken dance classes last semester.. 
6. Since the Internet was invented, people learned a lot about archeology.
C. Choose the correct option and number the lines of the dialogue in the proper sequence.
Tom: A natural history club? What you learned so far?
Liz: Tom, of course I remember you! When you return?
Tom: Really? I can't to hear all about these animals and fossils.
Liz:  I'm sure you're anxious to know all about it. Tell you what. Let's
      visit the Natural History Museum! We there for so long
Tom: Hey, Liz!  I you in ages! Do you still remember me?1
Liz: A new place! That's fantastic! I have some good news, too!
    I a natural history club last month!
Tom: Two days ago! Guess what? I a new apartment!
Liz: Well, I all about animals and fossils.
Tom: Great idea! The las time we there we had a lot of fun!
D. Choose the correct time expression to complete the sentences below.
1. Scientists haven't published much information about mammoths .
2. , a tourist found a fossil of a huge frog.
3. , scients have discovered a lot of new plant species.
4. Mr. Lyson has been interested in dinosaurs .
5. Dinosaurs haven't lived on our planet .
6. Tyler found his first dinosaur bone .