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You could ask for help

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You could ask for help..

A. What's the correct option? 
1.                2.
3.               4.
5.                  6.
B. Order the conversation below.
-Yeah, but I think I left it on the bus.
-Hey, Megan! What's wrong?
-Oh, no! I borrowed that from the library.
-Well, I forgot my homework this morning and now I've lost
  a book I was reading.
-I did. Nobody has found it. And by the way ...It's the
  one you lent me! I'm so sorry!
-Have you tried looking for it?
-Maybe you should call the bus driver.

  Study the chart below.

C. Complete the short dialogs using the phrases below.
Make sure you use the correct verb form.

I) A: I'm always late. What should I do?

B: Why don't you ?
II) A: I broke my cell phone recently. Any suggestions?
B: If I were you, I'd .
III) A: I fight with my little brother all the time.
What do you think I should do?
B: You could try harder to .
IV) A: Whenever Betty goes to the supermarket,
she forgets to buy some grocery items.
B: She should . It really helps!
V) A: I have a hard time memorizing English words.
B: Really? Well, I'd try .
VI) A: Jerry is always borrowing my stuff. I hate it!
B: That's easy! your things anymore!
D. Use the correct options.
Liz: What's wrong, Sam?
Sam: Oh, hi, Liz. Bill is always borrowing things from me.
       I don't know what to do. What  I do?
Liz: Have you thought about  him it upsets you?
     Why don't you try  to him?
Sam: Well, actually, I have. But he always  something,
       like money for lunch or a pencil.
Liz: Maybe you could  some rules. For example, he can
     only  money once a month.
Sam: Thanks, Liz. Maybe I should  you for help more
       often. You're really good at  people.
Liz: Maybe, but I'm terrible at solving my own problems!
Sam:: I'm failing math. What  you do if you were in   
my shoes?
Mary:: Have you thought about  harder?
Sam:: But I have a hard time understanding it.
Mary:  Why don't you  a private tutor?
Sam:: Good idea! I  also talk to Ben. He's really intelligent.Maybe she can help me after class.
Mary: If I were you I  get professional help, but I believe you  listen to your parents' opinion first.