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Were these landscapes created by humans?

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Were these landscapes created by humans?

1.�� Idenfify the landscapes below. Then DECIDE if
they�were created by nature or�humans.
1. ����2.
3. ��4.
5. �6.�
2. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. The airport was destroyed �the hurricane.

2. His old house�has been turned �an office.

3. Huge rocks are picked up � glaciers and�
��� carried �kilometers.

4. This canyon is still being worn away stream.

5. Landscapes change �rocks and lands are��
��� worn�away �water, wind, and ice.
3. UNSCRAMBLE�the�sentences below.
2. been/these/formed/by/hoodoos/weathering/and/erosion/have.
3. this/is/being/and/away/by/wind/ocean/water/eaten/rock.
4. lava/from/island/was/volcanoes/built/up/the/by.
4. Complete the text with the proper passive form.

Rainbow Bridge looks like a man made bridge, but it �by nature. This bridge in Utah is the largest known natural bridge in the world. It �by a river that wore away the land.

Yeliu, Taiwan, is famous for its Queen's Head Rock. The rock by wind and ocean water. Experts believe that water will cut through the neck and break it off in the next five years.
The Callinish Stones �on Lewis, an island in Scotland. This rock�
formation��by humans between 2900 and 2600 B.C. Thirteen of the stones form a circle a circle around an ancient burial site.
These rock towers �in Cappadocia, Turkey. They �10 million years ago by volcanoes. Ash turned into rock, and slowly, the rock �by wind and water.
These mushroom-shaped rocks lie in Mushroom Valley. inside Mexico's Copper Canyon. They �when two different kinds of rock� �by wind and rain.
Thse rock mounds �by humans on Jeju Island, Korea. People make them to ask for good luck.
5.�Replace the verb forms in�yellowto correct them.
1. Two houses was washed away, when the flood waters rose.
2. This crater has been made by a meteor millions of years ago.
3. This�rock formation is still been worn away by the ocean waves.�
4. I bet these formations were formed by erosion over millions of years.
5. Rewrite these sentences using the paasive voice.
1.The waterfall has worn down these rocks.

2.The mudslide washed away that farm.

3. My mother is still making the birthday cake.


4.Volunteers take hurt animals to the vet.