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A.     Fill in the blanks with the following prepositions.  Use each word ONCE only. 

    across    below    among    inside    with    outside    around    by  

A fire broke out at Block 10 along Ubi Road yesterday.  There were five people Flat No. 13-110.  Their screams attracted the attention of the people the area.  Many paaser-by stood  Block 10 to watch the flames.  One of them called the fire station and the police.  They arrived at the scene about 30 minutes later because they had to drive through heavy traffic  a vast area.

One policeman saw an old woman  Flat No. 13-110.  She was yelling for help amid the thunderous din.  Wasting no time, the policeman rushed up to rescue her.  She was standing  her belongings.

  the help of some National Servicemen who live nearby, the firemen soon put out the fire.  They drove off after taking drinks offered  the flat-dwellers.