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Choose the correct wh-word

1. opened the door?  

- I think John did.

2.  did you buy that book?

- I bought it at Macy's.

3.  long does it take to peel a banana?

- It takes about 10 seconds.

4.  is Mister Sebel's favourite football team?

- I Think it's Manchester United.

5.  can't I go out on Saturday?

- Becasue you are too young.

6.  did you go last Friday?

- I went to the beach.

7.  did you go there?

- Because it was very hot that day.

8.  did you get there?

- I took the bus.

9.  did you go with?

- I went with my girlfriend.

10.  did you do there?

- We played volleyball.

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