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Mixed tenses

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Mixed Tenses - Put the verbs into the correct tenses.
  1. Andy is tired because�he (work)��all day.
  2. By 1960 most of Britain�s old colonies�(become) �independent.
  3. David broke his leg when he (ski)� last week.
  4. (you/have) �a nice time in Rome?
  5. (you/finish) �your homework yet?
  6. He (be) �at his computer for six hours.
  7. How long (she/have)�� that car?
  8. How many people (die)� in the fire yesterday?
  9. I (not/know)��much about art, but I like some artists.
  10. I (wait)� for ages when finally the bus arrived.
  11. I (receive)� a postcard from Jane yesterday.
  12. I (correct)��all morning, I�m exhausted.
  13. I (never/be) �sailing, what�s it like?
  14. It was late.Most of the shops (close)�.
  15. It (rain)� when I got up this morning.
  16. Janet (start)��a new job in September.
  17. Nelly (have)�a great time in New York at the moment.
  18. She was cooking dinner when we (arrive)�.
  19. She (just/come) �back from a Mediterranean cruise.
  20. My husband (be)� free for most of the afternoon.
  21. The children were tired because they (swim)� in the pool all afternoon.
  22. They (go) �to spend six weeks in the USA.
  23. We can use the car,�I (repair) �it.
  24. We were tired because�we (be) �to a party the night before.
  25. We�(be) �too late for the train, it had just left.
  26. When I got the airport I realized I�(forget) �my passport.
  27. As soon as�they�(arrive) �we had dinner.
  28. When they were driving home last night they�(see) �a terrible accident.
  29. Where�(Robert/live) now?
  30. Who�(Mandy/talk) �to?