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Mixed tenses

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Mixed tenses
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Mixed Tenses - Put the verbs into the correct tenses.
  1. Andy is tired because he (work)  all day.
  2. By 1960 most of Britain’s old colonies (become)  independent.
  3. David broke his leg when he (ski)  last week.
  4. (you/have)  a nice time in Rome?
  5. (you/finish)  your homework yet?
  6. He (be)  at his computer for six hours.
  7. How long (she/have)   that car?
  8. How many people (die)  in the fire yesterday?
  9. I (not/know)  much about art, but I like some artists.
  10. I (wait)  for ages when finally the bus arrived.
  11. I (receive)  a postcard from Jane yesterday.
  12. I (correct)  all morning, I’m exhausted.
  13. I (never/be)  sailing, what’s it like?
  14. It was late.  Most of the shops (close) .
  15. It (rain)  when I got up this morning.
  16. Janet (start)  a new job in September.
  17. Nelly (have) a great time in New York at the moment.
  18. She was cooking dinner when we (arrive) .
  19. She (just/come)  back from a Mediterranean cruise.
  20. My husband (be)  free for most of the afternoon.
  21. The children were tired because they (swim)  in the pool all afternoon.
  22. They (go)  to spend six weeks in the USA.
  23. We can use the car, I (repair)  it.
  24. We were tired because we (be)  to a party the night before.
  25. We (be)  too late for the train, it had just left.
  26. When I got the airport I realized I (forget)  my passport.
  27. As soon as they (arrive)  we had dinner.
  28. When they were driving home last night they (see)  a terrible accident.
  29. Where (Robert/live) now?
  30. Who (Mandy/talk)  to?