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Review 6th grade (6ª)

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1.  Read the text:


We are Susan and Julie. We are friends. Every day, we go to dance class after school because we love dancing. Our teacher always says that we are very good because we work very hard. This week, we are training for two hours every afternoon. We are doing that because next month we are dancing in an important contest and we want to win a prize.

Dancers eat very well to be fit. We eat cereals with milk for breakfast and some fruit. I love apples and Julie likes pears very much. We often eat fish, meat, eggs and vegetables for lunch or dinner, but we don’t have a lot of sweets or cakes.

Today it’s Saturday, and we aren’t training at school. We are in the park, and we are playing with Julie’s dog. We are happy, the sun is shining and the day is lovely.

Now, answer the questions about the text.
a. How often do Julie and Susan go to dance class?     
 They go sometimes to dance class.   
 They never go to dance class. 
 They go to dance class every day
b. Why are they training two hours a day this week?
 Because they are dancing in an important contest next month.
 Because they like the teacher.
 Because they want to be fit.
c. What do they have for lunch?
 They often have bread and milk for lunch.
 They often eat fish, meat, eggs and vegetables for lunch.
 They often have apples and pears for lunch.
d. Does Susan like pears? 
 No, she doesn't.
 Yes, she does.
 Yes, she doesn't.
e. What are they doing today? 
 They are studying a lot.
 They are training at school.
 They are playing with the dog.
2. Look at the picture and write the names. Follow the example.

a. She’s talking on her mobile: GAIL

b. He’s eating an ice cream.

c. He’s singing.

d. She’s exercising.

e. She’s sleeping.

f. He’s ringing the doorbell.

g. He’s talking on his mobile.

3. Complete the sentences using AM-IS- ARE and the verbs into Present Continuous. Follow the example.

a. She is playing a video game. (TO PLAY)

b. We  in the street! (TO DANCE)

c. You   them. (TO VISIT)

d. I a good time. (TO HAVE)

e. He a burger. (TO EAT)

4. Write sentences according to the chart. Follow the example.

Ex.: Rachel can paint, but she can’t rollerskate.
   a. Charles , but he .
   b. Samuel , but he  .
   c. Elizabeth , but she  .
   d. Melissa , but she  .
   e. Ernest  , but he .
4 Solve the numbers and search them.
 Don't forget!
10 =  ten/ 20= twenty/ 30= thirty/ 40= forty/ 50= fifty/ 60= sixty/ 70= seventy/ 80= eighty/ 90= ninety

 a. Ten x three =

 b. Four x three =
 c. Fifty - thirty =
 d . Twenty-five + twenty-five =
 e. Ninety - thirty=
 f. Fifty + twenty =
 g. Ninety -  ten=
 h. One hundred - ten =
5  Complete the sentences with HE - SHE - IT - WE - THEY.
a. is a student. (Mark)

 b. is an American student. (Carol)

c.     is dark brown. (a dog)

d.    are tall and thin. (Jane and I)

e.     are on the trees. (those birds)

f.      is pink. (this bike)

g.     are Brazilian. (my parents)

h.     is a teacher. (my sister)

6 Complete with the correct possessive adjective.  

Ex.: The Simpsons say, “This is  ___our__ crazy family!”
a.  Marge:  “Hello!  This is   family, the Simpsons.”

b.  Marge Simpson likes family very much.

c.  Homer Simpson drives  car every day.

d.  Lisa likes    red dress.

e. Bart, Lisa and Maggie live in Springfield. Marge and Homer are parents.

7. Write the sentences into interrogative form.
a. He is playing soccer.
b. She can play saxofone.
c. They study French together.
d. It is the best dog.