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Choose indefinite article when necessary

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Insert the indefinite article if necessary.
Use underscore _ in the box if there shouldn't be an article. (Sorry, but it's not possible to choose a 'blank' option when creating the exercise)
1. The old man was  alcoholic.
2. I have told you  hundred times that I will not accept your behavior.
3. To love someone who does not love you gives you  heartache.
4. Mrs Willis is  headmistress of Arnold's school.
5. They all had  reason to be angry.
6. In the play, Harry plays  greedy businessman.
7. At the age of twenty, he became  chairman of the school board.
8. He was  king of the house.
9. We all celebrate our birthsdays once  year.
10. My new neighbor is  Catholic.
11. As soon as she had finished university, she became  minister at the church where she had been baptised.
12. Is he  carpenter? No, he's  bricklayer.
13. William and Lissy see each other twice  week.
14. She said that she was happy to be  teacher.
15. After the test he became  lead singer at his school's choir.
16. Brian was offered the job as  general manager.
17. At least  thousand soldiers took part in the attack.
18. When he was eleven years old, he became  president of the student body.
19. Two years after the war had ended, he still had not given up living as  soldier.
20. Being  married man, I have to be home by 10 pm.