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Modal Verbs
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Age: 11-14
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Modal Verbs (1)
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Vitamin N
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Should or Shouldnt do these actions to save the planet???
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Age: 13-17
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giving advice
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Should do smth or should have done smth?
Chose the right words.
� I shouldn�t� so much before I went swimming.

Pregnant women shouldn�t� as it can be bad for the baby.

�John shouldEnglish at school better. It�s very difficult for him to find a good-paying job now.

We shouldn�t� too late tomorrow it we want to reach the beach before lunch.

I shouldn�t� up so late last night. I am exhausted now!
�I should� you the truth. I�m sorry.

If your still have the toothache you should� to the dentist.

You� should your teeth after every meal, if possible.

You�should� your money instead of spending every penny you earn.