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Modal Verbs
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Age: 11-14
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Modal Verbs (1)
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Vitamin N
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Should or Shouldnt do these actions to save the planet???
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Age: 13-17
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giving advice
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Should do smth or should have done smth?
Chose the right words.
  I shouldn’t  so much before I went swimming.

Pregnant women shouldn’t  as it can be bad for the baby.

 John should  English at school better. It’s very difficult for him to find a good-paying job now.

We shouldn’t  too late tomorrow it we want to reach the beach before lunch.

I shouldn’t  up so late last night. I am exhausted now!
 I should  you the truth. I’m sorry.

If your still have the toothache you should  to the dentist.

You  should your teeth after every meal, if possible.

You should  your money instead of spending every penny you earn.